Swype for Android Updated, Beta Testing Opens

• 14/03/2011

There’s a new build up for beta testers of Swype for Android (you know, the super-fast tapless-typing keyboard app) and it includes some fixes for annoying bugs.

If you’re already part of the beta testing group, then you can login and download the update right from Swype.  It’s not likely you’ll find an unauthorized 0r leaked build since Swype started cracking down.

If you’re not part of the beta group, you might just be in luck.  It appears they’ve opened up beta testing registration again.

Here’s what the newest update includes:

  • Support for devices with QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA and qHD resolution displays (along with the HVGA, WVGA, and FWVGA support it touted before)
  • The “Hidden Word Tip Window” (which used to pop up just about every time Swype uses a word that it learned manually instead of using the word it would have otherwise used) will now only pop up once after install.
  • Prediction accuracy will no longer drop over time.
  • You can now generate a new license during the install process, which should fix the early expiration issues some were having.

This Swype build, like all others, will expire in just 4 months.  Swype usually puts out a new build sooner than every 4 months, so you shouldn’t have to worry about being ‘Swypeless’.

[Source – MobileCrunch]

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