Stats show 125 Android Apps currently downloaded each second – graphs

• 21/03/2011

android stats

Despite still not quite catching the available apps in the Apple iTunes App Store, Google shouldn’t be worried, as we can see that the amount of apps downloaded is 125 every second. With an estimated total of over 350,000 available apps in the Android Market, and the soon to be launched Amazon Android App Store, this number is going to keep going straight up. Downside factor: the amount of paid apps download seems to be lost in the mix of free ones, which isn’t a good sign for developers who want to make some cash.

The stats shown here are gathered by a site called, and while they aren’t ‘official’ from Google stats, they are pretty close. If you go to the source link below, you’ll see the ‘ticker’ shown above increasing by 125 apps every second of the clock. A great way to waste your afternoon away on a Monday!

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