Star Chart is free today from Amazon – GPS Star Maps in your pocket

• 29/07/2011

star chart for Android

If you find yourself lookign at the sky and often wonder whats out there, this neat little app can help you out. Star Chart is free today from the Amazon Appstore for Android, normally would cost $2.99. All you need to do is point your smartphone to the sky you wish to know about, and it’ll use GPS to find the area you’re looking at, then tell you all about it. Pretty cool hey? The app is rated 4.5/5 stars on the market and created by Escapist Games Limited.

Here’s the feature list for this app;

  • Bring the stars to your Android
  • Point it at the sky and know what you’re looking at
  • Identify stars, planets, constellation, and other stellar objects
  • View either northern or southern hemispheres, night or day
  • Customize your experience to view what you want

star chart for Android

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