Sprint opens pre-order page for Kyocera Echo – should you buy it?

• 30/03/2011

sprint echo

The Sprint Kyocera Echo is one of the weirdest, most unique Android smartphones to come out this year so far, and although I love the idea of having dual-screens, I’m not sure that this idea will take off, or have developers take advantage of the feature set. It’s been a topic of discussion for a long time that developers sometimes may find it hard to code apps for Android because of all the different manufacturer specs, such as resolution and display size, causing app fragmentation and lag.


Regardless, Sprint is hoping , or at least giving the impression that this device is going to sell fast. I’m not so optimistic about it. I think this device will sell to those hardcore Android enthusiasts who will take advantage of its features, but I don’t think the mainstream mobile users world is ready for it. That said, if you’re planning on grabbing this right away, you may do well to wait a while and see how the apps are for it down the road after its been adopted by more individuals. My 3 cents worth anyway. But hey, it’s your money.

[Via – Sprint]

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