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• 06/03/2011

soundhound android

If you’re a music lover with an Android or iPhone/iPad, you should be armed with one of the best music search apps out there. I use it, and I love it! It’s super fast, and I’ve had a fair amount of fun testing just how well this search can detect the right song being played. It gives you youtube search results for the band and song, as well as lyrics, or at least the option to search for the lyrics automatically. It’s very seldom that I’ve not been able to find the material I’m getting it to scan.

This app just got a whole lot better, both for Apple products and Android alike.

For Apple devices, they’ve added “recommended Songs” which gives you top picks for songs you may like based on artists you’ve checked out. It’s also got better sharing features, allowing you to post to Twitter or Facebook with one tap. Now at version 3.6.1.

For Android devices, the app now has support for the Motorola Xoom, as well as Tablet ready UI enhancements. This is now version 2.5.0 and requires Android 1.5 and up…so everyone can use it now basically.

Seriously, this app is worth every penny of a small $4.99 payment. If you would rather however, there are free versions for both platforms as well you can install instead. Just search for “SoundHound” in Android market or iTunes App Store or click the icons or links below to get the paid versions, it’s worth it.

[Android Market Link]

[iTunes Link]

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