Sony kills off the PSP Go – Xperia Play to blame?

• 20/04/2011

sony psp go discontinued cancelled

Sony has given confirmation that the production of the PSP Go is completed, and thus , shipments of the last PSP Go devices has been made. This will mark the last PSP Go devices to be made, although Sony will continue to support, update and repair the PSP Go in the future. No doubt stores will begin marking these down for clearance, and soon, we should also see the PSP-3000 handheld marked down further after the NGP gaming handheld comes out.

The PSP Go was a good idea, but it never really took off with consumers, with lack of UMD game playability and the price of Memory Stick Duos, this was destined to fail. Also, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will do everything the PSP Go did, PLUS everything an Android phone can do. It’s an obvious choice to kill the PSP Go.

Would you rather have an Xperia Play Android smartphone, or a PSP Go andsome other Android phone? let us know!

[Via – Engadget]

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