Snoop Dogggg (4Gs) launching MetroPCS Galaxy Indulge LTE

• 24/02/2011

All kidding aside from the name extensions, Snoop Dogg was asked to change his name to Snoop Dogggg (4Gs) for the release of the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge, the world’s first Android LTE smartphone. To prove we’re not pulling your leggggs here, there’s actually a video below showing the “G-Connection” with Warren G and Snoop, and it’s 2:13 minutes of original weirdness.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge may be the first LTE Android device, but the HTC Thunderbolt and LG revolution are literally right behind it in launch dates as we can expect to see those in a couple days.

I’m just glad that MetroPCS didn’t vote for remixing Easy-E’s hit Compton City G’s into “Metro City G’s” for this one. I’ll take Snoop.

[via – Engadget]
[Source – MetroPCS]

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