Smartphone US market Share divided by age, OS and manufacturer

• 03/03/2011


Neilsen has broken out the market share for us in some easy on the eyes colors and graphs, making it easy for us to see just how out-of-touch our grandparents really are from modern technology.

The first picture is the Market share for smartphones by manufacturer from November 2010 – January 11th 2011. most interesting part if this graphic is how huge HTC’s market share is for Android and Windows Phone 7 OS’s. As well as Android owning 29% of the total market for Smartphone OSs over Apple and RIM’s 27% tie.


This graphic shows us the Age groups divided by smartphone OS for the same time frame, and not surprisingly, Ages 25 – 34 own the most smartphones. A bit of a shock though, is how close Ages 45 – 54 are to age group 35 – 44. Must be all Blackberry though.

[Via – Engadget]
[Source – Neilsen Wire]

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