Smart phone buyers favour Android handsets

• 28/09/2011

There was a time, not so long ago, when Apple had the monopoly when it came to the smart phone market. In fact, many people didn’t refer to these handsets as smart phones – they referred to them as iPhones, as this was the only smart phone that many people had heard of.

However, over the past couple of years a rising number of these handsets from a range of manufacturers have flooded the market. The slew of handsets that have been released using Google’s Android Operating system, including handsets from the likes of HTC and Samsung, have quickly gained popularity and developed a loyal following.

In fact, recent figures from a study carried out in the United States have shown that in the three months to the end of August 56 percent of USA consumers who purchased a smart phone opted for an Android phone. Only 28 percent of buyers decided to purchase the Apple iPhone.

However, whilst this may seem like encouraging news for the Android market there could be a complete change in trends once the Apple iPhone 5 hits the market, which is expected to be next month.

Researchers involved with the study have said that the popularity of smart phones in general has continued to grow, with more and more people choosing these devices over feature phones.


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