Skype video calling for iOS for Verizon iPhone4 and Android

• 10/02/2011


Skype threw up an update for iOS today which allows the app to work on the Verizon CDMA iPhone4 adding H.264 support for video as well. This codec will allow users to stream video calling to a wider range of Skype users and their various screen displays.

Skype also has ‘unofficial’ plans to update the Android version of the app for video calling on February 28th 2011. This update will allow Android Skype users to video call as well to any Skype users via the Android mobile app for Verizon only. It also appears that this will only work for Android 4G devices, for which a Verizon LTE network connection may be required as well. We’ll have more ‘official’ word in the next couple of weeks.

[Source – BGR]

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