Skype for Android can give away your personal data through easy hack

• 15/04/2011

Skype-Android-Phone hack

Skype for Android shows a vulnerability in the way it stores your personal data. Android Police discovered after they built an app that shows the weakness in security within Skype for Android, in which the app stores your data in a SQLite3 database table, which remains unlocked or encrypted. Hackers who could easily build an app like Android Police did could then gain access to your full name, phone number, email addresses and a list of contacts.

When the wrong person has all of that data, it’s pretty easy to reference it with online profiles to get a match on your identity. Skype is now aware of the issue apparently, and are investigating the security hole. I’m glad Android Police found it before someone else did, thanks for that AP!

[Via – Engadget | Android Police]

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