Skype bringing video calling to Android on AT&T – Qik updates too

• 18/02/2011


Since Qik was purchased by Skype, there hasn’t been any real developments with regards to merging the two applications into one streamlined app for all platforms and carriers alike. Maybe we’ll see that soon, but as for now, Skype has hinted that it’ll have some exciting features coming to AT&T very soon. We can only think that this would mean video calling for AT&T on Android phones, since AT&T has been vocal about focus on Android since Apple went all Verizon on them. Video calling for Android works on T-Mobile and Sprint through Qik already, as well as the iPhone on AT&T has Skype video calling. It’s obvious that Skype video for Android on AT&T is the missing link.

Possibley down the road, we’ll see more integration of features between Skype and Qik.

[Source – PC Magazine]

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