Settlers of Catan released for Android – special offer available now!

• 05/07/2011

catan Android

Settlers of Catan has finally been released to Android, and it is a great game, featuring all the styles and play as the release for iOS, as well as the boardgame. The game has a smooth interface and great graphics, along with the ability to choose the speed of animations, in the event you’re a Catan pro and don’t feel like waiting too long for your next turn. If you’re a beginner player to Settlers of Catan, there are tutorials and instructions to help you through the gameplay also.

catan Android

The game also features In-App Purchasing ability for expansion packs like the Seafarers pack and 10 addition scenarios in the campaign modes. There is a timeline you can review anytime which details every players actions taken previously, as well as statistics on dice thrown, giving you an advantage on where you should build towards for the best card results.

catan Android

A Tablet version is in the works as we speak, and this game is currently on sale for $3.99 in the Android Market. We’ll be doing a full video review in the next few days as well, watch for that! Grab it by scanning the QR below, or clicking to go to the Android Market!

catan qrAndroid Market Link

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