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• 25/09/2011


Does it drive you crazy when your screen turns off?

This utility app was created to do exactly one thing: keep your device’s screen from locking (turning off) when
you’re using it. It monitors the phone’s orientation and decides when to allow the phone’s power-saving features to operate. Stay on!


Customer Reviews:

Keeps my screen on when e-reading. I do a lot of reading of books on my phone – with several different readers. I use the Screebl orientation features to keep my screen on based on how I’m holding the phone. As I bounce between tasks, I’ll put the phone down and Screebl turns the screen off and my password slider takes effect. The result is that the screen is on when I want, and off when it should be – and I don’t have to remember to hit the power button. I consider this to be an essential utility.

Excellent app for controlling your screen. Really works great at keeping the screen on when you need it, and off when you don’t. I’ve used the Lite version for ages, and it’s one of the most indispensable apps on my phone. I make sure it’s always running. The basic settings are great for your normal use, and can easily be tweaked to exactly how you’d like them (for instance, I set mine to cut off when the phone’s completely vertical, like when it’s being carried in a pocket). It’s got lots of customization and control, unlike some reviewers seem to think.

good concept, needs work. great idea, but after a month of monitoring battery use it uses 23-28% of battery life daily which i consider to be too much for an app that is supposed to be helping save battery. hopefully future updates will get this resolved. 3 stars for the concept and program options/layout.

Reduces annoyance. I paid for this app a long time ago and still use it. It has become so helpful for when I read webpages or am staring at my screen for no reason.  I was constantly getting annoyed by the auto screen shutoff. Now, it shuts off when i need it to. Win



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