Samsung Nexus S launches in Canada with Videotron first – others to come soon

• 07/04/2011

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The Samsung Nexus S (Google Nexus S) has finally come to Canada through Videotron first, then other Canadian carriers to follow very shortly afterwards. Videotron was the carrier to launch the Google Nexus One, which is still available, and now they’ve nabbed the first launch of its successor. Rogers and Fido should have the Nexus S launching on the heels of Videotron as well as Bell, Telus, Koodo and others.

The Nexus S will cost $529.95 with no contract and $149.95 on a “reduced rate” plan with a monthly service fee of $40. Not bad Videotron…not bad. I’d love to see Rogers match those prices, better yet, lets see Rogers be the first carrier in Canada to offer a maximum 2 year contract instead of the regular 3. We can all hope.

[Via – MobileSyrup]

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