Samsung Galaxy Skin concept device may make it’s way to store shelves as Samsung “Flexy”

• 27/07/2011

samsung android flexy

It looks as though Samsung may actually be doing something with the technology we saw at CES 2011 earlier this year with their flexible AMOLED display screens, as Yanko Designs seems to have put a good effort to create a concept design for a device currently known as the Android ‘Flexy’, which utilizes the Samsung Galaxy Skin AMOLED screen. The technology running the display is Electro Activity Polymer (EAP) that sends electronic signals to the display to perform a physical action. Crazy!

The concept shows off a 4inch Super AMOLED flexible display, capable of transforming into a ‘smart watch’ for your wrist, a ‘smart projector’ and obviously, a smartphone running Android OS. It details an 8 megapixel camera and shoots 720p video as well. The size of the device is 221x67x8mm. Thats a long slender, but very thin device. The Samsung Galaxy S II, thinnest smartphone around, is only 8.9mm thick for comparison.

Check out the gallery below!

[Source – Yanko Designs]

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