Samsung DROID Charge gets hands on treatment – images here

• 26/04/2011

samsung droid charge verizon

BGR got their hands on the new Verizon Samsung DROID Charge, which is Verizon‘s second 4G offering for smartphones. After they had a chance to play with it, they were pretty impressed overall. How could they not be, with a 4.3 inch touchscreen that looks like the most vibrant of any Samsung device thus far, and the 4G speeds to boot, what’s not to like?

This phone only has a 1GHz processor in it however, so it seemed a little slow to respond when compared to other dual-core smartphones on the market. Also, the 4.3 inch size is great for screen resolution, but not easy on the pocket size, especially if you’re still wearing 80′s metal jeans and a mullet. For those reasons, I’m not quite sure this device is worth the $300 price tag. Or you can get it for $250 on Amazon. Link on the right!

[Via – BGR]

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