Samsung Condemns Recent Galaxy Skin Rumours

• 30/09/2011

Right now, you could be reading one of the most ingenious marketing strategies in the history of mobile technology. The news was no doubt intriguing. The idea – superb! The technology – a first of its kind. However, there appears to be a problem. Apparently it’s a fake.

Following the reports that Samsung will be releasing the world’s first “bendable” AMOLED display smartphone dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy Skin next year, the Korean tech magnate responded via an official statement saying that the rumour is fake and most likely will never happen. Samsung bluntly said that the company is not responsible for the Galaxy Skin’s existence.

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According to the official statement, the Galaxy Skin is just a project and is more of a concept than a real device. Design students allegedly used the Galaxy name and the official logo of Samsung in the project to simply imitate Samsung’s famous Galaxy line of devices and to draw false attention to it. But the plan worked. Many were deceived, and some even grew hysterical.

It appears that the idea of replacing glass with a plastic polyamide substrate to make a screen super-flexible is more appealing than misleading.Imagine, being able to bend your smartphone into a cylindrical shape. Wow, that is mind boggling. Although the rumour has already been shut, Samsung didn’t say that the idea is impossible to implement. It’s even possible that the Galaxy Skin will inspire the company to model one.

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