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• 15/02/2011

rogers galaxy tab fail

Looks like the Rogers Samsuing Galaxy Tab had some difficulty launching last year, and with all the tablets and new devices coming out this year, we hope that they don’t make the same mistake they did with the Galaxy Tab launch. The views below were found online and explain the difficulty one Rogers customer had in trying to buy one…eesh! Let’s hope Rogers sent one out to this person! Sure, it was a new device and they no doubt had no idea how big these were going to be in Canada, but that said, more effort needs to be put on the carrier to ensure the successful launch of these new amazing devices. I’m surprised we didn’t hear anything from Samsung on this issue.

That was then, and they should be forgiven. For your curiosity though, view the full rant below;

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has arrived at Bell Canada and Rogers Wireless, and I’m having a hard time getting one! Honestly, I just want to get one, and have someone at Rogers tell me when and where I can pick one up. That’s all I ask as a customer. In my quest to find the Galaxy Tab, I went to Rogers RedBoard, where you’ll see here, they announced they were the first to launch the Galaxy Tab in Canada, however…I beg to differ!

rogers fail

The page shows that Rogers has it available in stores as of November 16 for purchase, but when I called 3 different locations in my city, each different person I spoke with barely knew what a Samsung Galaxy tab was, never mind when they were to receive them in stock. This left me wondering how Rogers trains their staff, but that’s a whole other story…

I then called Bell Canada, and although they do not have service available in Saskatchewan, I called 3 locations in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. All 3 locations had the Samsung Galaxy tab already in stock, where the Calgary store had already sold out. I asked when they got them in the stores, to which they all answered, ‘received them early this morning’.

How is it that Rogers claims they were the first to launch the Galaxy tab, but they don’t have it in stores yet, but Bell has received them, and began selling them at most locations? Good question Rogers! So I decided to ask @RogersHelp on Twitter when I can expect to see a Galaxy Tab from Rogers, where I did get a fast response, it was “…Hi, devices are just starting to arrive in stores as of yesterday.”

I went so far as to call and ask our Rogers Corporate Contact rep when they were coming so I could order some for our business, I called yesterday, and today….and still haven’t heard back from them. Extremely disappointing to say the least. I can only hope that someone at Rogers reads this post and realizes they need to make things better for their existing customers, by providing better training to their staff, realistic marketing expectations and more detailed information for future launches, cause I’ve seen better marketing from local metal bands Facebook pages.

So, in short, Thank You Rogers Wireless for not having a single clue as to when your stores will actually carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and thank you for showing us that mediocrity is your forte with staff training as well as marketing!

Here’s a good example of the cheap efforts put into advertising by Rogers (no offense to the people in the video, it’s not your fault)
YouTube Preview Image

As a small afterthought, I feel its noteworthy to mention that each Bell store I contacted only received 2 Galaxy tabs to start with.

I finally got a call back from a Rogers Corporate Account Rep, and they informed me that because the Rogers outlet stores are privately owned, they have to place an odrer with Rogers Corporate to receive the Galaxy Tab for them to sell, they don’t get shipped out automatically, except for the iPhone. When I asked if they know ahead of launch when its available, they said most times Rogers Corp lets them know, so they can have orders in and stock ready by launch date. This is clearly an issue for the stores as well as Rogers Corp.

I explained that despite claiming first to sell the tab in Canada, bell was the first to actually have it available for consumer purchase in store. They weren’t impressed with that from what I could tell. But, hey, it’s their own fault.

Apparently, the Galaxy tab won’t be anywhere near me until possibly Friday or Monday Nov 22….6 days after it was officially “available”….Fail.

[Source – TalkAndroid]

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