Rogers bringing back Hardware Upgrade Program May 5th – here’s the details

• 28/04/2011


It’s about time Rogers started listening to their customers who want an upgrade before 24 months! We’ve seen Telus advertising that their consumers get an ‘easy upgrade’, anytime they want. Now, Rogers thankfully is forced to follow suit. How any carrier would not allow you to upgrade until after 24 months is simply ridiculous thinking, especially after seeing that you brand new shiny device is outdated and oldschool after only having it for 6 months.

How it will work is shown in the leaked documents below, providing scenarios on how much you’ll pay for an upgraded device depending on what you currently have and how long you’ve had it. The scenarios break it down like so;

  • $10 per month for existing voice/QMD (Quick Messaging devices)
  • $15 per month for select feature devices, tablets and smartphones
  • $20 per month for premium devices (including iPhone and BlackBerry Torch)

It’s not bad, but it can still be expensive if you’re the guy on the bottom that just got a new ‘black iPhone 4′ and want the new white iPhone 4 that just got announced today. Eesh! Ah well, at least @Rogers is trying here, and that’s a great start!


[Via – MobileSyrup]

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