Review – Tap Tap Revenge for Android – give your fingers a workout!

• 30/03/2011

taptap revenge

Are you a big Dance Dance Revolution fan for a gaming platform? Love dance and pop music? Ok, I could live without both of those, but here’s a new twist on something similar to those, and similar to Guitar Hero for mobile devices. It’s called Tap Tap Revenge and it’ll give your fingertips a workout, giving your thumbs a much needed break from texting all day. best of all is this game is Free.


The original developer of Tap Tap Revenge was actually purchased by Disney, so that tells you just how this game should fair against other popular games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds. Basically, as the music plays, you tap the buttons it wants you to to gain points and finish the song to advance to the next level. It comes with a bunch of songs built in, but the best feature is the ability to now make extra song pack purchases right from within the game itself, just you would on RockBand or Guitar Hero!

The feature list is extensive, just like the iOS version;

  • Chat with TTR players around the world
  • Global leaderboards with up-to-the-minute scores
  • Battle other players online
  • Customize your avatar
  • Weekly contests and new music
  • Play any track in Arcade Mode
  • Like tracks in the game, then battle other players who like the same tracks


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[Android Market Link]

[Via – MobileCrunch | Android Market]

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