Rant – How many Android Markets does it take to get an app?

• 22/03/2011


This is not a bad joke you tell at your next office function, or get together. ‘How many electricians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”… I say this…” How many Android Markets does it take for me install an app on my smartphone?” Seriously…how many? Because it seems there must be a demand for it otherwise companies like Amazon, Opera and NVIDIA wouldn’t waste their time developing one. They all seem to think that we need special App markets for Android apps.

I have to say that this is where Apple’s iTunes App Store has it right, one Store for all the apps that go on iOS devices. Android Market could have it right too, but because it’s open source, EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOGS NEED TO BUILD THEIR OWN! Why……I ask why? They still all offer the same apps. I don’t want to buy a T-Mobile device and have the ‘Samsung Apps’ application, the Android Market app, an NVIDIA gaming app center and maybe even an Amazon app now…why would I ever use all of these?! It’s as easy as entering your credit card once into Google’s checkout online, and you only ever need to use the actual Android Market to buy apps. It’s not hard at all. So if it’s not difficult, then why would I want to use another App Store service? The apps aren’t any different. Sure, maybe right now if you go to Amazon’s app store (which they’re being sued over the name, we’ll get to that later) and get the new popular Angry Birds Rio game, but before that, there wasn’t ever a need to get anything outside the Android Market unless it was a custom ROM, or custom built beta app from XDA-Developers, or CyanogenMod. (Which are both awesome sites for custom Android stuff btw!)

I need another Android Market like I need another variety of ‘lamb and Rice’ dog food, or ‘extra whitening’ toothpaste…. trust me, my dog doesn’t need 15 varieties, and I don’t think any whitening toothpaste really whitens anyway.  Likewise…I am completely happy with the Google Android Market, and I really wish they would prevent companies from bastardizing what they built so they can try to steal an extra 30% from developers who barely make money on paid apps as it is.

yes, I said I’d get back to this. Amazon is being sued by none other than Apple for coining the term ‘App Store’ for their new Android Market. Who at Amazon thought it would be a good idea to call it the Amazon App Store and NOT get sued….anyone? You KNOW Apple is going to get all bent out of shape on that one. I know…call it the Amazon Android Market…cause that’s exactly what it is!

Google….please stop the madness…too many choices equals consumer confusion

Companies thinking of opening their own marketplace….just don’t, cause I won’t shop there.

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