Placecast and AT&T launch local market ShopAlerts App – waste of an app

• 03/03/2011


AT&T and Placecast are joining forces to bring out a new ShopAlerts app for Android users which will bring special offers from certain brands directly to their smartphone. This works off your location with a service called “geo-fence” which acts like a virtual perimeter, giving you deal notifications from stores and shops once you go inside this ‘perimeter’.

Some of the initial sponsors are HP, JetBlue, SC Johnson, Kibbles ‘n Bits, and the National Milk Moustache campaign. I know…pretty dismal list.

Honestly, I don’t see what the value is for this type of app when people already subscribe to coupon deals like Groupon by email, or MyCoupons. If this has any chance of user adoption, they really need to get businesses on board that people actually care about.

[Source – AT&T]

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