Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says ‘first priority is beating Android’

• 13/02/2011

nokia ceo elop mwc

You may be starting to feel the way many of us do whenever you read a headline with’Nokia’ or ‘CEO’ in it…it’s getting tiresome listening to anything Stephen Elop has to say. Well, this guy certainly knows how to make headlines by wearing a ‘Black Hat’ as it were. Now today at MWC, he’s announced to the masses that Nokia’s (or Microkia) first order of business is to take down the Google juggernaut Android OS after being thrown off the top of the hill after Q4 reports came in.

Nokia partnering with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 devices is a smart move, for both, because they were both hurting. but making a bold statement like “first priority is beating Android” could be mobile suicide before you even start. If you remember, we reported back in January the reports of sales that put Android over Nokia’s Symbian as seen in the chart below. Nokia had lost huge traction over the year 2010, as did Microsoft despite launching a massive marketing campaign for WP7 devices mid 2010.

We’ll see how this pans out, but I personally don’t see that statement by Elop even worth taking seriously until they actually start pushing out devices and tallying sales.

androidsymbian q42010

[Source – Engadget]

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