Nintendo President asks Game Developers to ignore smartphones

• 03/03/2011


At the GDC 2011 (Game Developer Conference), Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told the audience during his speech that he thinks developers should focus on game development for dedicated devices for gaming, and not get tempted into making games for smartphones, for cheap sales essentially.

I can see why he’s encouraging this, seeing as Sony has jumped onboard with game development by combining their popular Sony Ericsson brand with the Sony PSP to make the Xperia Play. I think Nintendo is scared a little by the amount of cheap game titles making their way to the mobile markets. So, why not just make software games for your units as well as for mobile platforms and smartphones? Well, because then Nintendo would have to share their money with either Apple or Google too, and we know how Nintendo feels about making money. I mean, that’s why they sell a new attachment and accessory for every new device they put out, right?

Get onboard Nintendo, don’t try to fight it…you will lose.

[Source – intomobile]

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