Nielsen: Android Increasingly Eating in to Apple’s Market Share

• 26/09/2011


While Apple continues to sell the iPhone 4 in impressive numbers, there might be growing concerns within Apple about the kind of traction the Android platform has received on smartphones. While the latter had already become the largest smartphone OS globally earlier this year, it seems Android is widening the gap at an alarming rate.

According to latest data released by research firm Nielsen over the period of June to August of 2011 twice as many people opted for a new Android phone over an Apple iPhone. Two put for the facts in umbers an overwhelming majority of users amounting 58% opted for Android while only 28% chose iOS. RIM, with its fledgling BlackBerry OS came in at third place with just 9% of the users considering them. The report also adds that more and more people are getting in to smartphones. In the US, 43 percent of all mobile subscribers had a smartphone as of August 2011, but in the past three months, as many as 58 percent of those who got a new mobile phone opted for a smartphone”
The holiday season could further accelerate smartphone adoption, particularly if Apple releases a new iPhone, but “this is always tempered by the fact that many consumers are unwilling or unable to break their service contracts before they expire,” Nielsen said.

That said, with Apple prepping its newest iPhone in the next few weeks, Nielsen expects Cupertino to claw back in and at least temporarily stall the sale of Android handsets to a slower rate. A senior official from Nielsen, Don Kellog adds; “Every time Apple launches a new iPhone or makes it available on a new wireless carrier, there is an increase in their sales. The fortcoming Holiday season too is expected to make things better for Apple.

There are also rumors about Apple possibly coming up with a low cost version of the iPhone – which could help them address the issue of increasing sales figures in segments where they were not present earlier.


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