Next Android OS discussed at MWC – will merge Honeycomb and Gingerbread

• 17/02/2011


On Wednesday at MWC in Barcelona, Google’s Android Engineering Director Dave Burke had an interview with PhoneScoop about Android OS and some of it’s future features. Mr.Burke then reiterated that the next Android OS would be it’s “I” build, obviously keeping with the current naming conventions of builds. He didn’t confirm or deny the full name being “Ice Cream”, but we reported back here that it would likely be “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Basically what’s to come is a merge between some features of Gingerbread and some of Honeycomb for smartphones. The “System bar” seen in Honeycomb for example would likely not be placed on a smartphone build, but Honeycomb’s overall look and feel of the OS would be translated over. Sounds like it’s going to be a great OS already!

[Source – BGR, PhoneScoop]

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