Netherlands: Samsung files Four Lawsuits against Apple

• 23/09/2011

The legal wrangle between Samsung and Apple, initiated by the latter earlier this year continues unabated. After managing to ban (at least temporarily, since Samsung has since then appealed) the sale of the Galaxy Tab range of tablets in Germany, Apple has sued Samsung in Japan as well.

Samsung on its part has countersued Apple wherever possible. In the past few weeks, it has filed countersuits against Apple in Australia and Germany as well. The latest addition to this list is the Netherlands where Samsung has sued Apple in The Hague court. In the suit, Samsung has alleged four patent infringements by Apple. Like in Germany, Apple already has an upper hand in the Netherlands where it has already won a preliminary hearing last month.


While details about these latest lawsuits remain sketchy, it is thought that hearings pertaining to them would commence from Monday, 26 September 2011. Like in case of the suits filed elsewhere Samsung is likely to claim that Apple has violated several of its patented 3G related technology in the their products. Samsung also seems to be looking forward to seeing a ban of Apple products in the Netherlands.

While it is clear that Apple, at least in its current stage is winning this battle, in the world of competitive mobile telephony, things could change very fast! Do you think Samsung would be able to conjure up something very powerful that could possibly derail Appleā€™s plans?

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