Damaged Adam screens delays Notion Ink shipments to Feb 14th

• 01/02/2011

Another delay to the shipment date for Notion Ink’s touchscreen Tablet ‘Adam’ was announced in an email to customers that affects an estimated five percent of their customers.  Apparently this time the delay was caused by some damaged touchscreens that were arriving from the supplier, Sintek.

In order to reach the new estimated ship date of February 14th, Sintek has promised to work through Chinese New Year to have the new touchscreens for Notion Ink in time.

Typical of any young company, delays and issues such as these are bound to arise.  Though we wonder if these continued delays will cause ones who have already placed orders for their Adam, and are now waiting patiently for the next promised delivery date, to begin to regret their choice.  Time will tell.

[Source – Engadget]

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