New partnership to give 5GB Dropbox space to new HTC users

• 23/09/2011

Not one to miss the opportunity to join its rivals in the offering new cloud-based solutions, mobile handset manufacturer HTC has joined up with Dropbox to offer new customers access to 5GB online data storage.

It has been confirmed that anyone looking to buy one of HTC’s latest smartphones, like the HTC Rhyme, from October will benefit from 3GB more storage than the usual 2GB if they sign up to Dropbox on their new handset.

The ability to move even larger amounts of pictures and files to the Dropbox cloud storage service and then access them from a home computer as well as on their phone is likely to appeal to a significant number of users. This new offer has also now been expanded to any HTC devices in the future that use Sense 3.5.

With HTC selling new handsets with either Android or Windows Phone 7 OS there is confusion over whether HTC will offer Dropbox access on WP7 handsets, which at present provides Skydrive access built into the OS as standard.

For new users looking to buy an HTC with the WP7 OS the possibility of introducing Dropbox may be a little disappointing as Skydrive offers 25GB of storage which is considerably more than the Dropbox even with the extra space offered in the new deals.


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