New anti-Apple campaign escalation sees Samsung moving to block forthcoming iPhone 5 release in Korea

• 20/09/2011


In further efforts to play Apple at its own game, mobile phone manufacturer Samsung has declared that it will be blocking the sale of the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in Korea the second they are announced.

Even though they have yet to see the exact specifications of the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5 or the iPad 3, Samsung will be filing a request for the sales of the devices in Korea to be blocked as soon as Apple announces its release, according to a senior executive for the company. The iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 could effectively be reduced to simple iPod touch devices or could even be banned altogether from the Korean market if Samsung successfully uses its patents for wireless technology to have the telecommunications facilities on the two devices removed.

It would appear that over the last few weeks Samsung has really taken the fight to Apple’s doorstep in its attempt to prevent the world’s most popular smartphone manufacturer from releasing any new models.

The chances of either of the manufacturers backing down and calling a truce is looking increasingly unlikely but it provides a perfect example of how intellectual property rights and patents can be misused in the hands of greedy manufacturers and could seriously impact advancements in technology.


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