Netflix for Android finally gets released – only for some devices – not a joke

• 13/05/2011

netflix android

I hate to be the guy that puts this so called ‘big news headline’ into the gutter, but here it is. Netflix released an app for its subscribers, which many of Android users have been waiting a very long time for. So it has hit the market, and unless you have one of the small amount of supported devices, you won’t be using it. Sorry, but Netflix only designed it to work with a handfull of Android devices (the HTC Incredible, Nexus One, Evo 4G, G2, or the Samsung Nexus S)for now let’s hope.

It’s really ridiculous that it’s only supported on a Samsung Nexus S and not the Nexus One, or for that matter any other Samsung Galaxy S device. The fact that no Motorola Android devices are supported blows me away (Engadget got it running on a Droid X, but its a hack). Or how about a newer LG Optimus 2X? Nope, sorry. Samsung Infuse 4G? Nope. Galaxy S II? Nope.

Let’s hope that they start supporting other devices, which many are just as powerful if not more powerful than the devices they’ve shown. Here’s a video showing the functionality of it on a supported Samsung Nexus S. That’s a s close as many Android users, including myself are going to get to using our Netflix subscriptions (that we pay for also) on an Android device.

[Via – Engadget]

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