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• 15/05/2011

netflix-workaround Android

Netflix for Android was launched and unfortunately for most, it only supports a small amount of devices. Well, if you have a rooted Android smartphone however, that may change for you. Over at XDA-Developer Android community, as well as seen posted on reddit, hackers have found a way to make the Netflix application think you’re phone is one of the supported devices, thus allowing it to work after a small code edit (as long as you’re in the US). I’ve tested it, and it works on my Samsung Captivate. Here’s the steps below;

  1. Root is required. Make a Nandroid backup! (I accidentally deleted by build.prop file and bootlooped my phone)
  2. Download ES File Explorer (Or any other root file editor)
  3. In ES File Explorer, go into Setting > Root Settings and enable both check boxes
  4. Navigate to /system/ and copy/paste build.prop to /sdcard/ (just in case)
  5. Open & edit /system/build.prop
  6. Change the following lines to make your phone think it is a HTC G2:
    ro.product.model=HTC Vision
    ro.product.model=Nexus S
  7. Reboot the phone
  8. Install the netflix apk (if you haven’t already)
  9. Enjoy

When entering the model and manufacturer changes, ensure you type them wuth the exact same upper and lower case as shown above, otherwise it won’t work.

The Netflix app only works in the US for now regardless of what code changes you make.

There you go!

[Via – Engadget | Reddit]

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