Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G not selling well – analyst claims

• 06/04/2011


I can’t say that I’m surprised by the statements made by analyst James Faucette of Pacific Crest, which outline the disappointing sales figures of Motorola’s flagship Android Tablet and smartphone, the Xoom and Atrix 4G respectively. The analyst used channel checks to ensure correct data on the numbers for sell-through.

Obvious reasons for poor sales is the launch of the iPad2, the much anticipated HTC Thunderbolt and Inspire as well as the rock bottom pricing (in some areas free on contract) for the Apple iPhone 3GS. Faucette also recommended that due to poor figures, Motorola Should consider refreshing their lineup of devices this year to keep interest among consumers, and keep Motorola alive and well.

[Via – intomobile]

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