Motorola site redesign leaks – Xoom 2, Tracy XL watchphone, Slimline, Zaha, Targa and Pearl smartphones

• 01/06/2011

motorola xoom 2

Motorola did some digging and found the new Motorola site redesign to have a few sneak leaks peaks of some devices we apparently aren’t supposed to know about yet. The devices include the Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet, a ‘Dick Tracy’ style watch we had read about in comics, but now we have, aptly called the Tracy XL wristwatch, the Verizon LTE Targa, as well as the Slimline and Pearl handsets.

Best part of all this is that after Pocketnow posted what they found, Motorola asked them to remove the images. But here they are. Word of advice to Motorola…tell your webmasters to learn how to launch hidden sites so these things don’t leak out.

pocketnow moto tracyxl

[Via – Engadget | BGR]

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