Motorola DROID HD leaked online – latest unnamed Motorola device

• 29/06/2011


Well, Motorola may have an oopsies on their hands today, as it looks like someone, who happens to reside in the same location as one of Motorola’s campuses, loaded a picture from a device Flickr identified as a ‘motorola DROID HD’. Yesterday, a new Motorola device was captured by a blurry camera seen above which closely resembles the Motorola Photon 4G, but differs due to the UI where it’s black and blue, versus the Photon’s Grey Android UI.


The picture seen above has a pixel ratio of 720×1280, which is far more than any other smartphone on the market currently, especially by any Motorola device in the pipeline. So what is this device? We don’t know, but it’s been outed, so we’re sure we’ll hear more about it very soon.

[Via - Pocketnow | Pop Herald]

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