Microsoft paid Nokia $1billion to choose Windows Phone 7 over Android

• 08/03/2011


And we thought it was Nokia who was desperate! Who looks like they need help now? Microsoft throwing it’s wallets at possible manufacturers for Windows Phone 7 devices just to keep them from going to Google’s Android. I’m not sure that’s a wise business strategy. Why not just make WP7 open source like Android is, then manufacturers won’t feel the pressure to keep costs low when they decide on which OS to place within their devices.

According to Bloomberg, Nokia will be responsible for paying Microsoft a fee for each copy of WP7 it installs on the smartphones it produces, which will probably amount to┬áless┬áthan the $1 billion Microsoft already gave them to strike the deal to keep Android away from Nokia. No worries though, nobody else wanted to work with Nokia anyway. I’m not sure either of these companies got a good deal out of all this.

[Via – BGR]
[Source – BusinessWeek]

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