Microsoft makes money from Android too – laughs at Apple

• 27/05/2011

micro laugh

Think that Microsoft wishes they were in Google or Apple’s shoes in the mobile race? Sure, who wouldn’t right? Well, after announcing that the new Windows Phone 7 update ‘Mango’ was coming out this year, and a whole new slew of WP7 handsets will be following, it’s not bad being Microsoft right now. Actually… it’s damn good to be Microsoft right now!

You see, HTC had to settle a patent infringement case with Microsoft a while back. Part of that deal was to pay Microsoft $5 for each HTC Android handset sold. Thus far, HTC has sold $30 million plus Android smartphones, and is one of the largest manufacturers of Android devices along side Motorola and Samsung. The math in that is $150 million dollars Microsoft has made just from HTC Android sales, nevermind the 2 million WP7 smartphones licenses sold so far to WP7 manufacturers. They make $15 per license there too, which equals another $30 million.

The best part is yet to come since the Nokia deal, of which Nokia will be paying Microsoft to put WP7 on their new devices as well, which are due out this fall with the WP7 Mango release. So, the more popular Android gets, the more devices HTC sells = Microsoft making much more money from licensing payments, PLUS all the new WP7 devices and licensing coming out as WP7 continues to grow also.

Microsoft is in a pretty good position seeing as RIM and iOS devices fall below Android sales. It’s also worthy to note that predictions are in favor of Windows Phone devices overtaking the mobile market share by 2015, beating Android sales. Whether that actually happens we’ll have to see, but this is starting to look like the perfect Windows Phone storm to come.

[Via – MobileSyrup | Gizmodo]

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