Malicious Android Apps removed by Google remotely using ‘Kill Switch’

• 07/03/2011


In a type of covert-esc operation you may see in action movies and Sci-Fi flicks, Google is remotely accessing your smartphone to remove any of the 20+ malicious apps it found last week in the Android Market. The task is being performed silently on your device only if you are one of the over 50,000 users who may be affected by the malicious apps. Using a remote ‘kill switch’, Google is able to gain access to your device, remove the malicious app(s), and add code to your device that prevents any of your private data from being transmitted again to 3rd party servers, which is what the apps were doing when installed.

After Google has removed and repaired the code on your device, you’ll receive an email stating that the work has been completed, even though you may not have known it began. It’s a good thing Google is on our side here, cause man they got the power!

To help celebrate Google power…here’s a blast from the past for you to enjoy.

[Via – BGR]
[Source - Google Mobile Blog]

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