Make your own Android Morse Code transmitter – hack away

• 07/03/2011


If you have a little spare time and some LEDs kicking around, you may want to geek out a little bit this week or weekend and build yourself an interactive, morse code lightable transmitter for your computer. ‘Why wouldn’t a guy’ you’d likely say right? Right!

Here’s the deal, you’ll need to grab one of DYZplastics wicked little Android figures to start and then the following list of supplies;

1 x Android Figure from DYZPLASTIC
1 x ATtiny44A from Mouser or Digikey
1 x 14 pin DIL socket
1 x Micro Servo SG90 (plastic) or MG90S (metal)
1 x Microphone e.g. CMC-5042PF-AC from Digikey
1 x Piezo (passive, not the buzzer kind)
2 x blue 5mm flat top wide angle LED from ebay
1 x red super bright 5mm LED
1 x green super bright 5mm LED
1 x yellow super bright 5mm LED
1 x NPN Transistor e.g. 2N3904
3 x 100nF ceramic capacitor
2 x 100K resistor
2 x 10K resistor
2 x 2K2 resistor (or other values depending on your blue LEDs)
3 x 150 resistor
1 x +5V power supply (e.g. USB charger)

It’s ok, we know how much you love to build those Star Wars models back in the day, this is just like that, but better!

Here’s a video to see it in action below, also, if you want to get going on this project, click here for full instructions!

[Source – Instructables]

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