LG G-Slate ad calls on Apple iPad – video pulled after launch

• 11/02/2011


LG and T-Mobile will be officially launching their new LG G-Slate tablet at MWC 2011 in a couple days time, and they definitely want to take on Apple’s iPad, or at least they want you to think they are bringing the fight. The G-Slate, otherwise known as the “Optimus Pad” has alot of great specs, including dual cameras on the backside for 3D recording capabilities, a dual-core Tegra2 processor and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

The Ad which we would show you, basically shows a Transformer to the likes of “Optimus Prime” holding an Apple and essentially calling on the iPad manufacturer to a futuristic dual. One thing though…we can’t show you because it was pulled from YouTube shortly after it hit live! You think Steve Jobs or Tim Cook are good friends with Michael Bay? Or did LG forget to ask for the rights to make a “Transformers-like” Optimus Prime for their new commercial….we may never know.

In case it shwos up again, here’s the link.

[Source – youtube, intomobile]

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