Is this the new Google Nexus 3? leaked image taken down

• 30/05/2011

google nexus 3 rendering

Google may be discussing and planning who the next ‘Nexus‘ manufacturer is going to be (LG, HTC, Samsung) but we haven’t really heard much about the successor to the Samsung Nexus S since it’s really only been around for a couple months. The picture above which was leaked online from shows a device unlike any other Android devices as it has no buttons for settings or search , or even Menu for that matter under the screen. Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been stated as not needing buttons to move around the OS, so we’ll ask the question…’Is this the new Google Nexus 3?’

The devices source is not really what you’d call iron clad or anything, as it came to techhog by “a buddy that works in the Android Dev labs”. Without any other pictures to say what this device is, and no branding anywhere to be seen, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what this device is going to be, but it’s rather funny to see that techhog was actually asked to take it down after it leaked. This is what the website says now;

Sorry everyone, I’ve been politely asked to remove the information from this page regarding the 3rd Nexus. I apologize for the inconvenience.

We’re not saying what this device is, but who knows, it may be the ‘Nexus 3′…

[Via – Mobilesyrup]

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