Is T-Mobile launching the LG G-Slate and G2X April 20th?

• 18/03/2011

gslate and G2X

Looks like LG is holding on to its G-Slate Tablet and G2X smartphone until possibly April 20th according to TMONews.  The biggest downside to this for T-Mobile is that Motorola has already put out it’s Xoom and Atrix with a few carriers, the BlackBerry PlayBook should be out before April 20th as well as the Apple iPad2 just launched taking up more than 90% of the total Tablet market.  That doesn’t leave much market share for the T-Mobile G-Slate to grab when it finally does come out, but you never know, maybe they mark the price way down on this Tablet to draw possible Tablet consumers off the fence, something that the competition hasn’t really done yet.

[Via – Engadget | TMONews]

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