Is Google changing ‘NFC’ to ‘Google Wallet’? Yes – sort of

• 26/05/2011


Is Google switching their NFC title for mobile payments over to Google Wallet? It would make sense, unless of course Google is holding the Google Wallet domain name for something much more ‘personal’, like allowing you to store all your payment info and credit data online for easy storage, perhaps like ‘eWallet’ already does. But, switching from NFC to Google Wallet makes sense, seeing as they are trying to make mobile payments seemless for anyone with a Google account, and perhaps an Android device. Why carry your actual wallet and a smartphone, when you only need the phone right? besides, it’s hard enough getting your wallet out of those 80′s black banger jeans. If this were the case, I wouldn’t recommend carrying your ‘Google Wallet’ in your back pocket.

The domain name for Google wallet points to mountain view, Google’s headquarters, but is a dead page. That may actually mean something is happening, because usually an inactive page, would give you a google error page. Hmmm.

[Via – Engadget]

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