Huawei wants to supply London subways with free cell coverage

• 22/02/2011


Electronics manufacturer Huawei, located in China, wants to supply the subway tunnels of London with free mobile cell coverage, a tab which will cost approx. $81 million. London has mentioned they would like to get coverage enabled and working by the time they begin hosting the Summer Olympics in 2012, which Huawei wants to cover as a gift from one Olympic host to another.

Now, Huawei obviously has other motives here, meaning they need to make that money back somehow. They’d like to have an exclusive maintenance contract with London subways for any work on the wireless system afterwards. Sounds like not a bad deal right? Well, that’s not how some London politicians feel about giving control of this system to a manufacturer from China apparently, as they raise red flags about whether this would be good, or bad. Weird.

[Source – Engadget]

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