Huawei MediaPad coming soon – worst commercial here now

• 14/06/2011

huawei media pad

There’s something to be said about great commercials, and there’s also something to be said about how to FAIL at marketing your product effectively before it launches. Huawei is launching their own Tablet device called the Huawei MediaPad, which looks like a 7inch Tablet form factor with a camera on the backside, which looks exactly like the Ideos S7 Pro.

Here’s a quick summary of the video you’re about to watch below;

  • lady has MediaPad
  • Lady likes Media Pad
  • Lady holds MediaPad and does nothing with it
  • Man eats jelly donut
  • Man spills jelly on Lady
  • Lady looks at Man
  • They all live happily ever after looking at the MediaPad…

Have a look at the quality acting and almost adult entertainment industry style music and plot.

[Via - Engadget | Huawei]

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