HTC Thunderbolt selling more than the iPhone 4 with Verizon?

• 01/04/2011


Verizon has one of the best Android lineups there are in the US, then they added the Apple iPhone 4 to the mix. Although they aren’t selling as many as AT&T had sold, it’s still a significant amount. How about the new Android on the block though, the HTC Thunderbolt? Well, one analyst says that the HTC Thunderbolt is actually doing pretty good, so good in fact that at 61% of US Verizon stores, the iPhone and the Thunderbolt are equal in sales. What about the other 39%? Well here’s where it looks different. At 11% of the stores, the iPhone 4 is outselling the Thunderbolt, but in the remaining 28% of the stores, the Thunderbolt is out selling the iPhone 4. That’s a win for the HTC Thunderbolt.

We don’t have exact numbers, which may actually tell a different tale of the tape, but that should be an alarming number regardless for Apple as new Android devices get released each week that match features to the iPhone 4. Plus, the Thunderbolt is 4G… which is where all carriers are headed by the end of this year. Unless of course Apple launches the iPhone 5 or (iPhone 4GS) this summer as expected.

[Via – intomobile]

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