HTC Ruby mystery smartphone will be going to T-Mobile

• 25/07/2011

htc Ruby Tmobile Android

A new mystery smartphone from HTC has been leaked online through Flickr, showing off the white rounded edges of this new device, which we only know as the HTC ‘Ruby’ according to the Flickr information on what device model these pics came from. Shortly after they were leaked to Flickr, more images showed up with a much closer look, showing the start of the “T-Mobile” logo off to the right side as seen above.

The design of the icons looks to be more of Android design than of Windows Phone 7, but then again, maybe HTC has a nice new Sense UI to pair with the new WP7 Mango release coming soon. So far, it looks like it’s going to T-Mobile, and it’s an Android smartphone. Thats about all we know.

[Via - PocketNow, Engadget]

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