HTC profits going straight up mainly from Android devices

• 08/04/2011


HTC recorded huge profit increases which many analysts attribute to strong Android device sales more than anything else. The Taiwanese manufacturer registered a Q1 2011 profit of NT$14.83 billion ($511 million), which is a growth of 174% for Q1 revenue of NT$104.2 billion.

HTC surpassed Nokia this week as well in market¬†capitalization¬†of devices, which lends itself even more to Nokia’s steady decline in the mobile industry. HTC was one of the first manufacturers to push Android OS in its devices, and it looks like it’s really starting to pay off with its latest devices highly sought after called the HTC Thunderbolt and the Sprint EVO 4G, as well as Tablet offerings like the EVO View 4G and the Flyer.

[Via – BGR]

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