HTC One 2 To Be Released in March?

• 18/02/2014


This week the folks behind HTC’s promotional distribution have made clear their intent on pushing their next-generation hero phone later in the month of March. While it was widely expected that HTC would make the same move as last year with the HTC One, releasing their device immediately before and during Mobile World Congress, it would appear that HTC and Samsung have switched places.

Last year HTC released the HTC One in an international event, this year Samsung will likely release the Galaxy S5 in an international event. Last year Samsung released the Galaxy S4 at a New York City event, this year HTC will release their hero phone in New York City. It’s one bit switch-up.

This HTC event will be taking place on the 25th of March at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. That’s 10AM Central, 9AM Mountain Time, and 8AM Pacific. If you live in California, you’ll need to wake up early.



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